Network Details

The RPN is a network of experienced rehabilitation providers designed to provide access to outpatient rehabilitation services to patients. Our services include claims processing, medical management, credentialing and network development.

Access and choice

For our payors, the RPN offers both open-panels and exclusive panels of outpatient rehabilitation providers to ensure patient access to quality physical, occupational and speech therapists. The payor has the ability to offer input regarding the type and size of the network to meet specific needs.


RPN maintains a therapist-to-therapist practice partnership to ensure the right treatment at the right time and duration for physical rehabilitation. Our network participants are supported in their treatment. 

Efficiency and profitability 

RPN is a single source for contracting, claims processing and payment distribution, offering payors a menu-driven approach to accessing our expertise in the following services:

  • Network management: Credentialing and contracting of all providers.
  • Medical/utilization management: Prospective, concurrent and retrospective review, in addition to treatment extension consideration.
  • Claims processing/payment distribution: Single payment address and EIN for the payor.
  • Management reporting: Customized utilization and cost-savings reporting to ensure compliance. In addition, the opportunity to analyze significant utilization data for future program development.


Payors, providers and patients will benefit from our extensive experience in the provision and management of outpatient rehabilitation services. We focus on a collaborative approach to designing network solutions.


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